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Handmade Kitchen Knife With Leather Cover By Almazan Kitchen Store

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  • Over All Size                     11″
  • Blade Size                          7″
  • Handle Size                       4 ”   
  • Width Size                         4″
  • Handle Material                Color Wood
  • Blade Material                   Carbon Steel
  • Three Steel Pins & Full Tang
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Handmade Kitchen Knife: Strong carbon steel is among the top material choices for kitchen knives. The best carbon steel knife stay sharp longer than other knives. Carbon steel is the best knife blade. A chef knife is the most important tool for the kitchen. The best chef knife will be easy to grab in all weather conditions. Its handle is most comfortable and soft. The knife is a full tang that comes with a Leather Sheath. The handle has a beautiful look made of color wood & three steel pins. The handle has a comfortable grip and makes the Controlling Knife Easy. A great knife comes from excellence. We use high-carbon steel materials. The blade has been given excellent temperatures to make it strong.

knife should be able to cut tough food, be easily sharpened, and make you feel secure when using it. The knife fits well in the hand, and lightweight makes it easier to control the knife. This chef knife is a Chefs’ collection you’ll ever need! Long-lasting and Affordable. The handle has a comfortable grip and makes the Controlling Knife Easy. A great knife comes from excellence. We use high-stainless Steel materials to make it strong. Long-lasting and affordable. Blade Has Been Given an Excellent Heat Treatment To Get It Well Harden.

Our Handmade Kitchen Knife Are Very Sharp, So Open, And Use Them Very Careful.

Surprise your culinary enthusiast with a premium kitchen knife, a thoughtful gift that blends elegance with practicality. This knife features a precision-forged carbon steel edge, ensuring unparalleled sharpness and longevity. Its handle, crafted for comfort and balance, exemplifies fine craftsmanship, facilitating effortless slicing and dicing. This singular piece not only enhances the cooking experience but also adds a touch of sophistication to kitchen decor, making it an ideal present for the home chef who cherishes the harmony of function and aesthetics in their culinary tools.

  • Knife measurements are approximate and may vary from knife to knife due to hand forged.
  • Comes with a Leather sheath which may vary from the picture due to production lots.
  • The handle of the knife is secured with Three steel pins.

19 reviews for Handmade Kitchen Knife With Leather Cover By Almazan Kitchen Store

  1. Solange Scott

    Got it for my husband and he loved it. It’s a beautiful knife. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  2. FM Rommell

    I got this knife to process fruits and vegetables, which it does masterfully. Very comfortable in my hand and it makes quick work of our kitchen prep.

  3. Julie Romero

    My brother is an amazing chef for his family. He could use for all. This was perfect. He uses it daily. He’s very happy with his gift.

  4. MontyB

    This is a very nice I mean very nice knife. Highly recommend.

  5. Daniel Claffey

    Great quality, sharp, and looks cool. Has held it edge after some heavy use.

  6. Beverly c.

    Gave this to my son at Black Friday, he said it is the best knife ever!


    Cuts good on fish and meat.

  8. Edan

    Super Sharp! Bought this as a Christmas present, and it was perfect for our kitchen. Definitely the sharpest knife we’ve ever owned.

  9. Danny

    Very good knife, good size, very sharp. Best gift I have given my mother in years. She turned around and bought it for her sister.

  10. Bud Gammond

    Just got this knife a week ago it’s already my go to I’m a chef so I use my knives a lot this thing is great.

  11. MWG

    My son really likes it. He says it will also give him a chance to hone his sharping skills.

  12. Armando

    Got this as a gift for my little sister and she loves it!

  13. Emma

    Its very lite weight and easy to use. It stays sharp after several uses.

  14. Bill R

    Amazing knife, comfortable to grip, and handles easy 🙂

  15. Kathy J.

    Great feel and cuts without effort. Would love a smaller one in the kitchen too……hopefully soon!

  16. GC

    This was a gift for my daughter-in-law. She loves this brand and owns several of these knives. I was impressed with the quality.

  17. DerekZane

    This knife has changed the game in our kitchen. It’s so sharp it cuts time in half!

  18. AJ

    Great knife, so sharp and slices like a dream, I absolutely love using it. Having a knife this good makes me feel like i am a lot better chef than I actually am!

  19. Michelle

    My husband LOVES this knife!!!

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