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5 Pieces Set of Kitchen Knife + Leather Roll By Almazan Kitchen Store

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  • Blade Material: 1095 & 15n20 Hand-forged Damascus
  • Hardness: 58 HRC
  • Handle material: Stabilized African Sapele
  • Blade Length: 8″ Chef, 6″ Chef, 8″ Carver, 6.5″ Cleaver, 4″ Paring
  • Handle Length: 5″, 4.5″ for paring
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Introducing our very own chef’s kiss of knife collections, the Kitchen Steel Knives Set.

Crafted in direct response to customer feedback, this impressive display of functional art is sure to tantalize taste buds. Each Piece, from the custom leather-fitted roll to handles fashioned from Sapele Wood sourced from Western Africa, showcases meticulous craftsmanship using high-quality materials sourced globally.

Combining 1095 & 15n20 Hand-forged Damascus steel, each blade offers the ultimate balance of sharpness and durability with sets reaching a hardness level of 58 HRC. Whether you’re slicing up that perfectly smoked brisket with the Carver or dicing vegetables using the all-purpose Chef Knife, experience a flawless performance that’s truly a cut above the rest. 

Your 5 Pieces Set of Kitchen Knife will arrive with a layer of Food Safe Renaissance Wax and Mineral oil.

*Like all 5 Pieces Set of Kitchen Knife, these knives consist of high carbon steel. And require hand-washing, immediate drying, and a thin layer of oil (mineral, vegetable, etc.) after each use. With proper care, these knives will last for many years to come.

Surprise your culinary enthusiast with a set of exquisitely crafted kitchen knives, a thoughtful gesture that marries elegance with practicality. Each knife in this collection boasts a precision-forged damascus steel edge, promising unparalleled sharpness and durability. The handles, designed for comfort and balance, are a testament to fine craftsmanship, ensuring effortless slicing and dicing. This gift set not only enhances the cooking experience but also adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen decor. It’s an ideal present for the home chef who appreciates the fusion of function and aesthetics in their culinary adventures.

34 reviews for 5 Pieces Set of Kitchen Knife + Leather Roll By Almazan Kitchen Store

  1. Andie

    This was a gift for my son and he was very pleased with it.
    It is exactly as described.

  2. Scott Reisenbigler

    They are a heavier knife which leads to great balance! They also look amazing and have a razor sharp edge! Highly recommend!

  3. Lissa

    Great knives. Very sharp.

  4. Jess

    I love my knife set they cut extremely good and very sharp I use them for work and I can use each knife for different cuttings. would love to purchase again.

  5. Frank

    Very nice set I would recommend to others.

  6. Me

    The knives are shape and very light weight!

  7. Frankie Young

    I am super impressed. This set truly exceeded my expectations. They are so sharp and durable. What a great find.

  8. Scott

    Overall the knife set is very good especially the case it came with.

  9. Michael B Seaman

    I work as professional chef. Great inexpensive knives that are easy to hold and maintain sharp.

  10. John M

    Knives are of great quality. Perfect for kitchen etc. Everyone loves them.

  11. Eric

    Bought these as a gift and have been pleased. They have held up well and are very sharp.

  12. Monahan’s

    Gift for my cousin, she loves them! Very sharp and durable.

  13. Eileen ireola

    I got this as a gift for my brother & instantly he was soooo happy! It made me happy the knifes are great ! It’s not only great quality but also great price.

  14. Stephen

    I absolutely love them and they cut really good.

  15. Kim L.

    Got this for my uncle for his birthday..he loved them.

  16. Lucas

    My dad and I bought this for my grandma for Christmas and she loves it. Nice and simple and a good quality for her.

  17. Sgregs

    We are using these for our outdoor cooking. Very good quality and super sharp.

  18. Mimi Doc

    Worth the price! So happy I made this purchase. Great quality!

  19. Brent

    Very good quality especially at this price. Bought them for my son, he really likes them.

  20. Rusty Yawn

    This product was a gift and was great quality. Very reasonably priced and the product got to me right on time.

  21. Marko Z.

    Got them for a friend, they love them so far. They stay sharp and shiny.

  22. Ruthie_D

    Very nice knives! I purchased these knives for my son and his wife for Christmas.

  23. Tom

    Great set of knifes! Was looking for a higher quality knife set but these exceeded my expectations. Very sharp and stylish!

  24. Ann R.

    These are the only knives you will need or will go to.

  25. Patty

    Knives are great and sharp. Was purchased as a gift and they loved the knives. Bought while on sale. Great deal

  26. Lawrence L.

    These knives are great. Easy to use and super sharp. They look good on the counter too! Work great for all my cooking needs. Would highly recommend

  27. Janice Loughlin

    Gave these to my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. The quality seems excellent and they are very pleased with the variety, quality and aesthetics of this knife set.

  28. Chiller

    Great looking product. For the amount of they charge the knifes would be sharper! Like the weight and the packaging for travel.

  29. David M

    Great knives just like the ones at work. This knives can take a real beating in a professional kitchen.

  30. Rona S

    Wow!! More than I expected! High ~ Fine Quality!! I highly recommend this item!! Grab yours today.

  31. Macques

    I bought this as a gift for my adult son, who loves creating in the kitchen. He was totally surprised and pleased. The quality is great.

  32. Andrew

    My husband got me this knife set for Christmas and I love it!

  33. Steven

    Very sharp blades! Easy sharpening and good grip. Exceptional quality knives to be used at home or at work.

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